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Reflections of an Ex-rider

It would have been her third glorious year with me today if she’s still around.

Many factors had led me to the decision to let mehmeh go, and I have to admit, a big part of me died together with her. Two years ago, I was so full of myself boasting about how riding is king. However, after my first and second accident, I guess I can never speak with the same tone again.

The Pros of Not Riding in Singapore

1. Reduced risk of dying. Much.

It’s harder to die from bus and MRT accidents I guess, but you might die from the occasional rude person and influx of foreigners who don’t bathe.

2. Ability to do random shit while traveling.

Without having to keep both eyes on the road, I can now keep both eyes closed. Sleep, watch videos, listen to music, read, text, but I usually do the most unproductive thing which is sleep.

3. No need scared kena fined.

Summon aunties, TPs, LTA people, and ERP gantries are no longer threatening to me.

4. Can “lim” loh!

Alcohol drinking is now legit, though I still don’t fancy it. Plus night outs and high cab fares usually come together.

5. More sociable.

You can chat with friend(s) while on the way to a common destination, but can suck too if you’re with a foe or in an anti-social mode.

6. Sheltered.

Lesser exposure to the sun’s UV rays means lesser chances of getting skin cancer. Also lesser chance of turning up at a place looking like a drenched chicken.

7. Many cheebai drivers out there.

Same point because it clearly isn’t enjoyable to ride / drive on the roads of Singapore.

8. Can style hair!

No more flat helmet hair.

This is prolly the last time I’m mentioning my mehmeh. Scooting off bye!

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Fino ✖️ Caviga ✖️ Humans

Sometime back as planned, Loti helped me with a photoshoot of mehmeh and bro’s bike, so I have some last memories before tucking her safely in a corner of my heart :’)

It was dawn when we arrived at some ulu place. Cold and dark, we began hunting for a suitable place to shoot.

Loti discovered a spot at the Lorong Halus Wetland and it was puuurrfect!

First rays.

FTW = Fuck the World.


Dedication <3

But first, let me take a selfie.

Bad cop.

Love the candidness.

Trying to look aspirational.

Bits and Pieces of My Zhnged Fino

Half a year had past since the day I set out to give my scooter a facelift to my own design which I really liked. Took me a lot of time and effort to hunt high and low everywhere; not to mention that after my accident, I have to repeat some of the processes again.

I’m gonna share where I did the modifications to my original (metallic dull purple) Yamaha Fino.

Custom brown faux leather IU cover done at Eugene Saddlery for S$15.

New chrome mirrors and original handlebar grips bought in Bangkok.

Headlight cap bought in Bangkok.

Sports rim also bought in Bangkok at 1350 baht (only) for a pair! Hahaha basically I lugged quite a few brand new accessories back which amounted to less than S$100. I then got them replaced at my regular workshop in Singapore for S$50, which was damn worth it.

Brown seat from Wing Yap Motor. Though they’re known for their overpriced stuffs, this was quite ok – S$90 for a brand new seat compared to S$70 if I send my old one for re-wrapping.

Embossed number plate from Eugene Saddlery at S$25. Did a S$10 one at 219 Motorshop before that but the font too fat so I didn’t like it. The checkered mudflap was bought online at Beedspeed for about S$30+ after shipping. Can’t find it anywhere in Singapore and I just had to get it for the checkered look that I wanted.

The most major part of the zhnging was of course the paintjob, which costed S$720 at Yeow Motor; I know they’re expensive but I’ll pay for their quality and service. The decals were done at 219 Motorshop, and their prices anyhow one. On consultation they quoted S$90, and the after the actual job they said S$180. I jumped and managed to get it at S$90 in the end.

I’m very proud of my meh2 and it pains my heart to decide to let it go. I’ve posted my WTS ad all around, so if you know of anyone there who appreciates her and wants to take over, let me know. Thanks! It’s sold now, but stays in my heart :'(

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Everything is a Blessing

Every word I type here is a blessing.

Every breath and blink I make is a blessing.

Every mouthful of food and water I consume is a blessing.

Every one around me talking, nagging, complaining, gossiping is a blessing.

Every sense of sight, sound, smell, touch is a blessing.

Every reason I’m alive is a blessing.

Yup, I’ve just escaped death again. A tyre puncture followed by a few seconds of hesitation plus a suspected slight bump from the car behind sent me sliding across PIE roads. Worst of all, I had Loti with me. However, him being very clear and protective, wrapped his arms around me and tanked most of the fall. The skin from his arm came off. Blood oozed, flesh revealed. My heart wrenched. The asshole behind pulled over and asked me about the compensation of his front bumper. How the hell could I hit him from the front? No time for that. Front car offered to send us to clinic. We hopped on. No police no ambulance were activated. Completely screwed up the procedures. Clinic took forever to open, and despite pleas for priority to the recep and other patients, we were still placed as #4. Humanity is so dead.

I let the asshole go. He initially insisted me to pay. LIKE HELLO. Who’s gonna pay for our skin and flesh? I could sue him real hard if I wanted, but didn’t. Ended up I had to pay for my own medical fees and bike repairs etc. But I keep telling myself it’s alright.

Being able to fall down and get up is a blessing.

Learning a painful lesson is a blessing.

Knowing Loti’s love for me is a big big blessing. It’s beyond what words can describe.

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Checkered Me(h)

Lynn made these photos she took into a GIF for me :’) That’s me indeliberately looking like a set with my fully zhnged scooter.

Feeling so tired and lazy and busy to update anything recently. My life not very exciting when I’m grounded in Singapore. Nothing much to do except for eat work eat work and eat hahaha. OH, but I’ve also started taking some measures to counter this sedentariness. I’m now halfway through a 30-day abs challenge (I WANT PACKS!) and also learning to play squash. Actually did only two sessions la, but I kinda like it. Might consider buying my own racket if the interest doesn’t die.

A while ago I was still singing, “Wake me up when September ends~” NOW WHERE DAFUQ DID OCTOBER GO!?

6th Day of Being a Commoner

Sent my bike for a new paint job last last Saturday and I’ve been relying on the public transport since.

Actually it isn’t THAT bad except for waiting time, the squeeze, and occasional rude or smelly people. At the same time, I’ve rediscovered time to nap on the way to work or do things like listening to music, surfing the net, and blogging on-the-go like right now.

But I still miss you mehmeh. Can’t wait to get on you when you turn yellow!

Could Have Been Worse

Wet road from morning rain; CTE; usual traffic jam; second lane; 70km/h; stupid car cut in front of me suddenly; jammed brakes; skidded for the first time; mind went blank; landed sideways on the ground; bike on me; car behind me stopped; driver checked if I was okay; honks; fucked up car in front ran off; pain; blood; bruises; hole in shirt.

Last night I was just having my anniversary dinner eating yummy sashimi and all. Today I escaped death.

Everything ran through my mind for the split second the “accident” occurred. My family, boyfriend, friends, my future, unfinished things. I closed my eyes and embraced myself for what was going to happen next – a hit, a fly, a blackout, I don’t know. But I thank my lucky stars that when I opened my eyes it was still the road scene. It could have been worse. It could have. I could have not be able to write this post now.

But as a matter of fact, I am writing this post to kill time awaiting the visitation of Loti that is taking forever. I was almost gone, but apparently his exam notes are more important. Though I’m physically considered ok, the after shock is still pretty bad. I hate it when I get emotiontally needy and I hate it when I have to go through shit times as if I don’t have a boyfriend.

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Things I Do with My Bike

This was a few months ago when my mum 活得不耐烦 and made me transport her and her newly bought 24-inch luggage all the way home from Suntec.

This is recently when I use my bike as a clothes swimming costume hanger after morning swims, and by the time I finish work, the costume gets dried! Wahahah super multifunction siol.

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Love for Back Alleys and Bikes

Went for a ride on the very first day my bro got his bike. It was kinda awesome, but what’s even more awesome was that my bro’s friend took each of us on a 180km/h spin on his beast. It was insane. I grabbed on to his shoulders with my life, ‘cos at some point of time my butt was already lifted off the seat. If I let go I’ll fly, literally. Hahaha but it was fun – too fun and exciting that it makes USS’ Battlestar Galactica look bad. I’m such an adrenaline junkie.

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No Longer a Triangle

‘Cos I’m a square! Lol. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m so overwhelmed with work and meeting people that I’m only left with four hours of sleep for four consecutively nights T_T

One year has unknowingly passed and my P-plate retired. It’s been a ride.

Owning a scooter was what I’ve always wanted. Initially, it was for transportation’s sake. Now, I’ve grown to love riding so much I wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of my life. It gives me a sense of freedom I can’t put in words. I know I know, they all say motorbikes are dangerous. But the convenience and advantages it brings weigh more than the lil’ risks. Lemme tell you why.

The Pros and Cons of Riding in Singapore

1. Motorbike is cheap.

I guess in Singapore where COE is ridiculously prized (pun intended), majority of us cannot bear to afford the luxury of owning a brand new car piece of paper. A Chery QQ now costs up to $75K these days (SIAO ONE!), while a motorbike on average cost around $5K.

2. Petrol cheap, parking cheap, ERP cheap.

My scooter’s tank is only 4 litres big and each full fill-up costs $5 and can last me about 120km (3 – 5 days). One bike parking coupon costs 65 cents and is valid either for a day (7am – 10.30pm) or a whole night (10.30pm – 7am). ERP ranges from 25 cents – $2. There are methods I know of to cao geng for free parking or ERP but cannot anyhow share here later gahmen fine me.

3. Squeezability.

I can’t beat you in speed, but I can beat you in traffic. Having the ability to weave between cars is extremely useful especially during peak hours. It feels pretty troll and it’s even more troll when those ah beng cars rev their engines so hard but end up stopping at the same traffic light as me while I happily throttle my way to the front.

4. Excuse to not drink.

Ever since I started riding, I can siam all the alcohol when I’m out with friends, ‘cos I don’t enjoy drinking to begin with. Too bad for you if you’re a drinker.

5. Alertness.

I have a class 3 license and I’ve driven a car (about five times?) before, but I don’t like the fact that I can’t really see the edges of the car and it’s difficult to check blind spots. I just feel so cooped up yet comfortable in a car (with air-con leather seats and all) that it tends to make me blur and sleepy. I dunno, maybe it’s a girl thing, or a 156cm thing lol. On the other hand, I feel much more confident on a bike due to a wider field of vision and better gauge in traffic. And I cannot NOT be alert because I am exposed all the time, which brings me to my next point.

6. Exposed.

Scorching sun, pelting rain – you gotta take it all. Sometimes there are random flying insects or sand from lorries so be sure to have your visor on.

7. Many cheebai drivers out there.

I hate it when those irritating cars tailgate me or force their way into my lane causing me to change lane abruptly. They bully you just ‘cos they can and motorbikes are always on the losing end. We can’t stop nasty drivers from being nasty, so we can only try to stay on the ball and not speed.

8. Meat cover metal.

The direct translation of 肉包铁. When shit happens, the first thing that kena is your skin and flesh, then your bike. No airbags or metal to protect you unlike a car.

9. But still, riding can be safe if you’re safe.

I know I’ve repeated many times, but maintaining alertness and not doing stupid things like speeding shouldn’t land yourself in an accident too major. They say even if you be careful also no use, other people not careful you die. Ya lor, then you suay lor. When a crazy Ferrari comes ramming by, taxi car motorbike also die. If you’re meant to die, walk also will die. Then what, don’t leave your house? Maybe your roof crash you also die.

10. Don’t need style hair!

You use wax / clay / gel / hairspray put one helmet on end up only got one style – helmet style HAHAHAHA! Don’t style better la, save time save money.

Riding is not for the faint-hearted. If you scared, go save up for a car or get a boyfriend / girlfriend with a car or take your parents’ car or just take BMW – Bus MRT Walk.

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