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Yadah Yadah

It’s been a while since the last update. Life has been same old same old, and time passes really fast. It’s already Q3 and I’ve recently completed a year in my current company – JUST LIKE THAT. To think that it was an impossible feat for my first three real jobs, and I thought I had some serious problems.

A major milestone is that I am now a house owner!

But it’s still empty! Like my CPF! YAY!

Hahahaha. Being an adult sucks.. but also exciting at the same time where Loti and I run around like monkeys trying to figure out this whole new renovation thingy together. Who ask us gei kiang wanna do everything ourselves. (Trust me, it was a long tussle before deciding to ditch the idea of hiring an interior designer.)

Pokémon Go is taking over the world by storm. Singaporeans have gone mad. I’ve never seen so many people roaming the outdoors before, and the sight is really quite phenomenal. I’m guilty as charged, but I’m not super siao over it – level 10 only.

Nothing beats the good old days Pokémon Blue days where bro and I turned to the PC emulator version after mum confiscated our Game Boys. (OH BTW, WHAT AN OLD SCHOOL NERDY PHOTO OF US THAT MY COUSIN DUG OUT AND POSTED ON FACEBOOK! :O)

Ya, I’ve finally gotten over the new fugly Instagram logo and updated my app. They ripped off the stories thing from Snapchat, like whuuuuttttt. I don’t use any of these stories thing ‘cos I refuse to conform to the trend my Snap only has two friends T_T hahahah. And Instagram stories are kinda weird when the audience is so random. It’s for extreme extroverts really – I prefer to hide behind the screen and stalk them hahaha. With all these new instant updating on-the-go technologies, who still blogs? I’m so passé LOL.

Another no link thought. Life is really full of surprises. Life is short.

Life has you running around in circles chasing after things that I don’t know for what sometimes.

In the end, does it even matter?

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The Countdown is Real

I’m getting hitched, in less than 20 days’ time.

Three years ago when Loti proposed, everyone kept asking me when is my wedding etc, until they gave up and forgot about it. Now, it’s happening.

Due to me and Loti’s keep-everything-simple attitude, we seem like one of the most bo chup couples. But honestly, simple simple also got a lot headaches one. And much as we want to escape from all the traditions, there are some wars we cannot win, so follow lorrr. No wonder people always say plan wedding sure fight.

However within lies some fun moments like designing our own wedding invites, Loti decorating the terrarium to be our ring holder, DIY-ing my hand bouquet for the first time, and so on.

Most girls (me inclusive), while growing up, would fantasize about their dream wedding – especially when watching movies or looking at older people you know get married. A decade ago, I’d think that I’ll hold a beach wedding, with my imaginary groom and myself all dressed in white; screen a cheesy video montage and make all my guests laugh; have my groom sing a song for me; take princessy outdoors and studio pre-wedding photos wearing a few killer gowns (LOL).

Now that I’m planning it actually, I know it’ll turn out very different. No beach no montage no song no pre-wed shoots no killer gowns, only gown. I almost even chose one that might cost less than some of my guests hahaha, which I’ll talk more about it in the next post.

Two more weekends to go and I still haven’t gone for my trial make up, gown fitting, and gather all my bridesmaids to decide on gate crashing activities :\ Super wahahaha good luck to me!

Taiwan Onederlust: Video

I took so little footage I’m surprised I even managed to compile a trip video. It’s a short one but it tells the gist of my solo trip in a rather sad manner hahahaha (T_T) Yes, there were lots of stupid mistakes and fail moments but I still did enjoy the lone time spent.

From the Same Trip

Taipei 1 / 2 / 3 + Taitung 4 / 5 / 6 + Taipei 7 + Video

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Taiwan Onederlust: Day 7

The rain on my last day was the heaviest one which lasted all day. Maybe the skies were weeping that I had to go hahaha. Continue reading

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Taiwan Onederlust: Day 6

Taitung 台東 hadn’t been very nice to me, so I sorta couldn’t wait to get back to Taipei 台北. Continue reading

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Taiwan Onederlust: Day 5

This was the day I was most excited about, but it turned out to be possibly the lamest day. (I think it beat the Yangmingshan 陽明山 day, hands down.) Continue reading

Taiwan Onederlust: Day 4

Slept in and took my morning slow. Continue reading

Taiwan Onederlust: Day 3

It was a dulan day as I made my way to a village in Taitung 台東 called Dulan. Continue reading

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Taiwan Onederlust: Day 2

It was my only full day in Taipei and there was no other better day to visit my most-looking-forward-to-Yangmingshan 陽明山. Continue reading

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Taiwan Onederlust: Day 1

I had my last solo trip 4.5 years ago and it was right before I got attached (didn’t time that btw, was supposed to be forever alone all the way lol). And since then, Loti didn’t allow me to go on a solo trip hahaha (he says solo for what?) until he recently wanted to do some self discovery and went to Vietnam alone (*roll eyes), so I followed suit. Picked Taiwan because it’s safe and a place I’m familiar with (can chillax more), and I’ve never visited it in cooling weather. So there I was for a week, celebrating my last solo trip as a legal single. I call it a bachelorette party for one. (Too bad no strippers.) Continue reading

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