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35D Taiwan: Day 21

We caught a sunrise which required the most effort out of the entire trip. Continue reading

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35D Taiwan: Day 14

Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 on the 12th started just right. Continue reading

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Weekends are Made of These

Wo Ai Tai Mei: Day 6

This was how the sky looked like at 4.55am. Yeah, we dragged ourselves out of bed darn early to camp for the sunrise from our room’s loft window. Continue reading

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Breakfast Yet Again!

It’s been a while, my friend :))

Appreciate Yun’s effort to crawl out of bed on a Saturday morning and travel all the way down to Holland V to have brunch wimme. The food and COMPANY was all worth it right! Wahahaha!

Breakfasts and New Hairs

Nice place, sucky food, screwed service. But still, it was dirt cheap like $7.50 for a breakfast set + cappuccino / latte / mocha / etc ’cause it was an online deal.

(Photo credit: Loti.)

Enjoy quiet mornings with Loti, especially on weekdays. No crowds in the malls, no running / crying kids, no crazy lunatics (’cause they don’t wake up so early? HAHAHAH).

Before doing my hair.


And after. My hair wasn’t in its best state when this photo was taken though.

Loti’s. He went to the same hairdresser as me 😀

Loving the watch and bangle that Loti and Yun gave me (respectively) for Valentine’s. So me! THANKS LOVES.

Shiok breakfast at TCC two days later. We buey gam wan.

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One Sunday Morning

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Girlfriends Unite

Like literally.

Loti has this clique of guy friends, and they often bring their girlfriends along when they gather. One day, these girlfriends just suddenly decided, “Okay, let’s hang out! (Without the boys.)”

So there we were, spending a beautiful Saturday morning together at Dempsey’s Roadhouse.

Doing Debbie’s “foam thing.” It’s supposed to make you look kissable according to her.

Girlfriends with their breakfast dishes.

On nom nom.

I have no one to pair with so I paired with my pizza.

I like the visual aspects of this dish. “Photogenic food” – that’s what I call it. And every time I use that term, my friends laugh. True what! Anw, ang moh food usually look photogenic. The most not photogenic food IMO is zhi char – the dishes just look one ji ba bom.

For more photogenic photos of the food at Roadhouse, please visit Lazy Foodies and drool all you want. Here is for you to drool at girls.

Drool-worthy? LOL I’m just kidding la.

Server initiated to help us with a group photo. Damn good his service.

The girls said I look like a monkey here.

You think?

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Bestie’s Breakfasty Birthday ♥

Strolling through Robertson Quay on a weekday morning for breakfast with my best girlfriend – the perfect life.

After years of knowing each other, this year’s the first time I’m celebrating her ACTUAL birthday with her.

Never knew TCC has a breakfast menu!

♥ ♥ ♥


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Have a Break and Have Brekkie

The perfect way to drive off the blues on a Monday morning, is to indulge in a good ol’ breakfast.

Not the grab and go kind; but the really sit down and take your time to savour every oosh of bread, bacon, egg, tomato, cheese and scenery (if any) kind.

I am quite a morning person, but it’s not easy to find someone who will jump out of bed early (especially on a weekday) just to do breakfast with you, so I prefer having me-time instead. It’s kinda my way of having a break.

Moreover, I can have this mornin’ melt panini all to myself! My first time trying it and I like it 🙂

And this is what happens when you’re the only one in the entire restaurant and no one’s looking muahahaha!

See how more people have their kind of break at Kit Kat®‘s Yer Big Break! Blog Challenge.

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