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Tag: Nature

35D Taiwan: Day 27

Our second day at Cingjing Farm 清境農場 was also a wet one, but at least we had our (smelly) raincoats ready. Continue reading

35D Taiwan: Day 26

At last! To a place that I missed out during my previous Taiwan trip (‘cos we fell asleep and the private driver didn’t wake us up). Cingjing Farm 清境農場, here we come! Continue reading

35D Taiwan: Day 20

Took less than half a day to complete the rest of Alishan 阿里山. Continue reading

35D Taiwan: Day 19

Our first cold place in Taiwan during Summer. Continue reading

35D Taiwan: Day 15

Last day at Yilan was a relaxed one. Continue reading

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35D Taiwan: Day 14

Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 on the 12th started just right. Continue reading

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35D Taiwan: Day 13

Headed to embrace an experience that I’d been looking forward to – farming at Yilan 宜蘭. Continue reading

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My Cactus Flowers

Never knew that cactus can actually sprout flowers! Three some more. I’m amazed TTM.

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Pain Killed Rose

Rememeber the stalk of rose that I left in Panadol solution?

This is the results two weeks later.

Grosssss. Reminds me of chemistry lab days – cloudy brown residue. Was it Iodine or something? Can’t remember, but ewww, still gross.

The rose obviously wilted, but it turned purple!

I didn’t do any colour editing to the photo. Looks quite chio lehhh!

How to Make Your Live Flower Last Longer

Let it stand in a little water, and add in a Panadol tablet.

I don’t know how true is that, but I heard this tip from my dad which he heard from the radio. According to past experiences, a live flower can usually only last about three four days. Let’s see how long this rose stand still. The time starts now from this entry.

Thanks to Yun for attempting to cheer us up. It did! I like such roses that come in a single stalk complete with the leaves and maybe some thorns. So 有性格 HAHA!

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