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35D Taiwan: Day 3

The day where we left our hostel the earliest and returned the latest. Continue reading

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Yello Jello Mello

I am so overwhelmed with so much stuffs. My schedule’s swarmed. My table’s a mess. My headache and nausea is killing me. I’m suffering from brain fag.

Anyways, Tuesaday was a public holiday and so I went to Yello Jello with the twitter clique the night before, brought together by Sock. I kinda like that place!

This photo is uber cute la.

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Kaya Jam Bun Goes to KL: Day 2

Day 2 is all about food, my friend. Well, almost lah! Continue reading

Butter Cookies

Wednesday is a night for the ladiesss!

Vian’s 21st

Last update before I go to sleep / resume work. Why I got so many photos to edit one?

Sweet 🙂

Thanks Lion for agreeing to be the photographer. *Pats your back!

Right after the party ended, a handful of us went off to St. James for yet another party! Vian’s virgin clubbing experience muahahaha.

Eight girls altogether!

Showed no mercy to a first-timer. Everyone gave the birthday girl a ‘Flaming Lambo’ treat.


I jumped at the chance and tried my first ‘Waterfall’ too. The whole glass tower (or wtv) lit up on fire and was mad chio but the photo never show.

Wah I tell you, it was sure potent. Next time no need open bottle already la ‘cos I also don’t drink much. Just one ‘Waterfall’ can keep me high all night.

I look gone and I think I was little la, ‘cos there were three photos (in Facebook) after these toilet shots which I totally couldn’t remember. My first time feeling this way and I’ve always been wanting to feel like this so I guess it’s a wish fulfilled? Yay? Waterfall FTW hahaha.


Work from home = can wake up late = can stay up late = can go ladies’ night.

It was shiokanathan. Free entry free drinks; all I had to pay for was my cab fare home which was only $6 after sharing.

So shiok that we all went bonkers.

Posing “LOL”. Mad ugly.

Sweaty sticky squeezy but fun fun night with Meiting, Yuling and Debbie!

One Whole Night of Waiting

Last Saturday.

This is Peimin and I at 10.30pm.

Basically her friends were all late (except for one), so..

12.15am, yawn. First group arrived.
12.30am, second group arrived.
12.45am, entered Powerhouse with first group.
12.50am, exited to reunite with second group (whom were still stranded outside).


We then got stuck in the re-entry queue forever in the sticky humid atmosphere. WTF I wanted to kill everyone.

When Peimin and I FINALLY got in >1 hour later, I couldn’t contain my huge sense of relief so I quickly down some drinks and went bonkers instantly lol.

Peimin also had a third group there – her cousin Kimi’s birthday.

You see, the whole world is really at Powerhouse. No wonder so blardee packed!

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Cheers to Ban’s Liberty!

Ban had finally made his escape from ‘THAT company’ and this calls for every reason to partehhhh!

Kaya, jam, tofu, and bun! Hahaha I miss those ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Nobody’ days with these bitches.


Look at all the drunkards behind.

Jasmine = gone.

Our star = SUPER GONE.

Zouk was crazy, really.

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