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Go with Da Flow

I’m so glad that I made full use of my CNY off in lieu today by doing a string of activities with ma ladies.

Morning swim with Ash → squash when Lynn and Vin arrived → afternoon swim (again) → lunch at Robertson Quay using Entertainer app and bill amounted to only $31 for four (cheap thrill!) → coffee at Smitten → super impromptu trip to Sentosa Wavehouse ‘cos Gillian had discount → flowriding for an hour (but actual playtime for each person was less than ten minutes) → wasted trip to Buona Vista as the place we wanted to eat at was closed argh → Ash left → dinner at Lavender Food Square instead with Loti → reappearance of Ash ‘cos she forgotten her house keys.

What a day!

Back to the main highlight.

Feeling ganchiong, humji, and suaku at the same time ‘cos it’s our first time at Wavehouse, despite it being opened for so long.

Took me a lot of falls and balls to finally stand up without support.. for four seconds. I think I fared the worst among everyone :\

But I had lotsa fun definitely. Felt younger and more alive too 😀

On a random note, I love the random backdrop that Lynn spotted then urged me over to strike a pose.

Zap ϟ ϟ ϟ

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Rocky Route

The reason why I haven’t posting much for the past month is because I’ve lost all my arm strength to Climbers Laboratary. *Looking for excuses.

It’s true. For a good few days after my virgin rock climb, my arms, or should I say entire upper body literally screamed in pain. But I’m not complaining ‘cos it’s something that I’ve always wanted to try.

Gearing up.

Game on!

First two walls were pretty chicken feat. The grooves are very kindly spaced for us beginners, so it was simply reaching and stepping and reaching. Everyone passed with flying colours.

Moving on to the third wall, it was challengingly manageable until the very last bit where the wall’s inclined – I mustered like 70% of my strength to grab on to the last groove.

Then, with weak shaky arms, I know I’m doomed for the fourth and last wall.

The route is called ‘See Cups’ and it’s graded 5C+.

The higher the number and alphabet, the harder it is. Climbers Lab offers difficulty levels ranging from 5A to 7A.

Every route is distinguished by colour and See Cups’ luminous yellow.

Fwah! 有风 lei~


Next moment FAIL already.

And that was when I started to get frustrated.

So I tried and tried and squirmed and jumped and pulled and used up every inch of muscle to merely grasp that damn cup I kept failing at for a split second.

Doesn’t help that I’ve got a short physique. It takes me more strength and effort to reach out for the same distance as compared to a taller person (with longer arms and legs).

Back to C cups, four of us girls took turns but none of us could conquer them (‘cos we all A cups LOL kidding). We “buey gam wan” so we made our instructor, Eugene, demonstrate once.

He climbed to the top within seconds like it was nothing :O

Rock climbing brings sports to another level. Aside from the physical aspects, I feel that there’s a lot on the mind as well – planning, determination, willpower, endurance. It is something worth exploring, and for starters, I think Climbers Lab provides a condusive indoor environment at a very reasonable rate. Walk-ins are from $13, all-year-round memberships from $42, and courses from $65. You can find out more on the rates and promotions here.

To add more dynamism, the routes are changed every quarter so climbers can keep coming back to outdo themselves. I think this purple route should be named “IMPOSSIBRUUUUUU!”

Thanks Eugene for having us once again, and kudos to Lynn for driving us all the way to Toh Guan and help snap many many photos.

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Hexcycle Fun!

Every time when I see people cycling this “family bike” at East Coast Park, I’m like, “MEH. So lame..” until I hopped onto one randomly with my poly clique one weekend and I laughed till stomach pain.

Look at all these laughters man.

What is Jarryd looking at hur hur hur just kidding.

Bunch of jokers since 2005.

Love this group shot!

We had so much crazy fun going off-road and straight into grass; making sudden and sharp turns; then barging into Road Safety Park LIKE A BOSS.

LOL look!

Man, the petrol kiosk, traffic lights, roundabouts and all. If these don’t look nostalgic to you, you’re too young.

After 45 minutes on the “hexcycle” plus a fall (don’t ask who), we switched to single bicycles and took the opposite of the usual Changi Beach direction. Turned out that the path was blocked off but Loti led us to an alternate route and we ended up cycling beside the expressway!

Exciting stuff, but mothereffing tiring.

What an evening!

My Swim Gear

Just what would I do without these man? I’m in love with swimming, I really am. Apart from the fact that it’s cardio, it makes me feel liberated whenever I’m in the deed. It calms my soul, gives me time to think, and is a cheap and healthy activity to do with or without company. I also felt an improvement in my overall well-being and stamina. My highest record so far was 54 laps last Tuesday (34 before work and 20 after work) lol insane or what! Though I’m slow compared to my peers with a not too accurate swimming technique, I still enjoy doing it. Damn, I must have really been a terrapin my previous life.

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The Slimmest Has Yet to Come

Photo taken two weeks ago when I finally managed to fit in a mini denim shorts I bought in Bangkok last year. That’s the diet benchmark I set for myself because I tried so hard to force my way in last time that the button broke WTF.

Lost about 2kg (sounds so easy but it’s damn difficult!) since I started swimming on a regular basis for a month. Must thank Loti for leaving me bored and lonely and near to a swimming pool for two weeks, but thankfully I saw some results and found the motivation to continue.

But exercising alone is not enough, it must go with diet. I didn’t starve, I just choose to eat healthy on usual meals and only indulge when I meet friends for good food. Calories are like money – must be spent wisely. It’s tough though, especially for a food lover like me. I’ll go through the “angel and devil fight” in my head for every sinful temptaion I see. The devil used to win, but recently the angel has the upper hand most of the times.

Alright, gotta go! Heading for another swim soon. Have a good weekend. I’ll catch up on more updates!

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Formula Drift 2011

This year’s Formula Drift was way boring compared to the one I went two years ago. The whole event just felt too “organised” (like law and order you know) that there’s almost zero suspense and excitement.

Okay, some boring photos of the boring event to bore you if you’re feeling bored anyways.

With bro and cousin Alan. Kudos to coussie for treating us there!

As a gesture of appreciation, I treated them to ridiculously expensive and disgustingly dry hotdog buns at $4 each, and pathetic nachos with cheese at $5. Daylight robbery indeed, and I fell for it ‘cos they didn’t display any price.

Of only police cars look that awesome.

When Formula Drift announced their lunch break, we left and went for a gratifying and cheap lunch at City Square.

$6 for a decent salmon shabu shabu set with many many “liao”!

A Sunday Like This

Usually when it comes to Sundays, I’ll feel kinda emo because it means that the weekends are over. I’ll take the time to laze around at home, perhaps sleep a bit more, and then the day would be gone in a flash. Then I’ll feel even more emo because I didn’t make full use of my Sunday D:

This was dated two weeks ago when Sil and I decided to meet and she managed to hog the car! Total yayness ‘cos we get to explore places that public transport couldn’t really take us.

First up, Riders breakfast at Saddle Club!

Dead horses walking slow hahaha.

Love this place.

Don’t know what the hell I was doing.


Next up, West Coast Park initially. But we took the wrong turn so we headed to HortPark instead. Not a bad choice ‘cos it’s a good place to cam whore.

Check out Sil’s 眼神. Like super adore me LOLOL!

Everyone at HortPark kept taking photos of the flowers so we must take to prove that we were there too.

Exiting HortPark, Sil’s iPhone went dead and we couldn’t Google Map anymore. Had to go somewhere familiar – East Coast Park.

Discovered a new bike rental shop with cheaper rates, lighter bikes, slightly nearer distance to our destination, but some rude ah tiong attendants.

On the most boring 8km stretch.

Got the ‘in the woods’ hweeling.

And so I was saying that the two of us FINALLY made it to Changi Village without any getting lost or any meeting mishaps, then a downpour came right after our plate of Nasi Lemak. Sian ji bua.

Clad in the most kuku looking and almost useless ponchos, we cycled about 15km back in the rain. An experience, really!

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Split Butt

Cycled for more than 50km within two consecutive days around ECP and Changi Village. 7 hours of shiok psycho madness.

Stuffs I’ve learnt to prep myself for the future cycling trips:

  • Bring sunblock.
  • Bring sunglasses.
  • Check your bike thoroughly before setting off. It looks really retarded to cycle a faulty bike back to the bike shop to get it replaced.
  • Check behind constantly to see if your friend has fallen down.
  • Don’t experiment very sharp U-turns.
  • Don’t be too ambitious when you know that the bike shop is closing anytime.
  • Bring coins (for vending machines).
  • Bring a towel.

The Day I Cycled >24km

From ECP to Changi Beach and back. Cycling with guys = no joke.

The double bike was such a liability. Sil and I rented it, but in the end the guys had to take over hahah.

Cruise siol!

After a super shiok sweat-out session, Stan brought us to this Thai pub. My first time visiting one!

Ordered six jugs of beer during happy hour. Walau exercise already also no use D:

Look super disco please!

ECP Blading

Wah one million years never blade. I fell down like three times in total. Mad funny!

Packed dinner from the hawker and sat by the sea. The chix wings, duck rice, and coconut drink. Two hungry ghosts but die die still want to share ‘cos scared fat LOL.

Be it non-stop yakking or silences, they were never awkward. To me, that is closeness. Love my girlfriend. Love shiok evenings like these!

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