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Tag: Tips

How to Remove Irritating Laptop Stickers

Definitely not by nail polish remover.

I used that and I panicked when I saw this. Googled for solutions and I was so desperate that I even tried peanut butter as told. It didn’t work though. Maybe because mine is the chunky one wtf I know it sounds totally gross.

Tadah! WD-40! Works like a charm. Never knew I had this can of magic spray lying at home all along. Now my laptop is finally bare and shiny yay!

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How to Make Your Live Flower Last Longer

Let it stand in a little water, and add in a Panadol tablet.

I don’t know how true is that, but I heard this tip from my dad which he heard from the radio. According to past experiences, a live flower can usually only last about three four days. Let’s see how long this rose stand still. The time starts now from this entry.

Thanks to Yun for attempting to cheer us up. It did! I like such roses that come in a single stalk complete with the leaves and maybe some thorns. So 有性格 HAHA!

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Life Hacks

Just few of the 35 Life Hacks You Should Know.

Quite a nice read. You should totally click that link!

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